January - June 2023

Project - Greene King Pubs

Greene King Bookings

The UK loves pubs, and at the forefront of this vibrant culture stands Greene King – the largest and most iconic brand with over 3600 establishments. Greene King faced challenges with their booking system. The varied sizes of their pubs and outdated point-of-sale systems made managing reservations cumbersome. Understanding these issues was crucial in devising a solution to improve the booking experience.
Working as part of a team of three designers, we focused on simplifying the booking process and enhancing customer satisfaction. Our key initiative was introducing a large-party booking feature to streamline group reservations. Additionally, we prioritized inclusivity, ensuring accessibility for all customers.
Our collaborative efforts resulted in tangible improvements for Greene King. The revamped booking system led to increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Staff found it easier to manage reservations, and the redesigned process set the stage for ongoing innovation within Greene King's digital infrastructure.