October 2019 - June 2020

Project - NHS Digital

Business Intelligence and Risk Webapp

For NHS Digital, cybersecurity isn’t just an IT concern — it’s also a clinical safety issue. To better protect England’s healthcare system from cyberattacks, it engaged IBM as its strategic Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) partner to provide enhanced security services and support and enable it to predictably and precisely block would-be threats.
A cross functional IBM team from iX, Digital Strategy, CPT and IBM Security to define, set up and run an Innovation Garage for the Data Security Centre within the NHS. The garage sources problems and ideas from across NHS organisations in the UK to improve Cyber Security. Taking these ideas through the garage approach from problem to MVP gets Cyber Security services in the hands of end-users faster than original delivery approaches.
Taking a user-centred and agile approach to delivering services across NHS organisations has allowed NHS Digital to ensure they are investing in value-driven services that are solving the needs of end-users across an extremely complex ecosystem.
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