July 2019 - October 2019

Project - Liverpool Football Club

The Official Liverpool Football Club App

Liverpool approached us to help them redefine their online presence as well as discover new ways to connect to their fans.
The aim of the project looks to bring back what the club and their fans genuinely desire; a striped back, authentic, football focused experience. We wanted to create an intuitive experience that provided all the data and information the fans’ need at their fingertips, further bringing the fans together and closer from all over the world. Whilst also providing fans with the ability to access the LFC commerce store from engaging and relevant points throughout the app.
The multi-disciplinary team worked iteratively over multiple sprints to lear, create, test and implement feature upon feature until we had a solid MVP to go live with. Continuous improvement is still underway and aims to create stronger ties to fans all over the world.
A fullscreen immersive experience allows the ultimate Red's fans a closer look at their heroes.
The app has been launched and has earned a 4.5* rating in the app store, as well as strong fan feedback. IBM iX are in the process of launching another app to add to Liverpool’s suite of mobile experiences.
IOS Download

LFC Design System

LFC Design is a Design System, accessible to all teams across the Club and acts as the single source of truth which groups all the elements that will allow the teams to design, realise and develop a LFC product.
The design system's purpose is to alleviate three main problems:

When designers 'lack confidence' when designing, they may not know what the best practices are and they may find what they are doing is proven not to work

When designers have to do the same things in different ways again and again it is important to highlight how the design language should stay consistent.

We shouldn't have to design the same things again and again. The design system should help developers reuse code!